Non-Profit Event Rental

Non-profit, educational, governmental and institutional events are a specialty of Abbel Rents. We carry all the necessary items for your conference, meeting, banquet, gala, graduation or festival event:

Abbel Rents - Non-Profit Event

Conferences and Meetings

Abbel Rents - Non-Profit Event

Award Banquets and Events

Abbel Rents - Non-Profit Event

Gala Events

Abbel Rents - Graduation Events

Graduation Ceremonies

Abbel Rents - Festival Events

Festival Events

We have a planning and coordinating staff that can do your complete event. We even offer an on-site event manager (for an additional fee) to provide direction at the event.

Please contact us or visit our showroom so that we can assist you with the planning of your important event.