Home or Residential Event Rental

Home or residential events and parties are a specialty of Abbel Rents. We rent tents and chairs and everything else that you might need for your home or residential event:

Abbel Rents - Tent for Residential Event

Tent for Residential Event

Abbel Rents - Residential Party

Residential Party

Abbel Rents - Birthday Party

Birthday Party

We will go wherever your event may be located, whether in your home, on a farm, in a park, or by a river or lake. Once you give us the dimensions of your site, we will draw up a plan on how to set up the event. We have a program that lays out your complete event in your specific area.

Our staff will sit down with you to plan your event. We have a planning and coordinating staff that can plan your complete event from invitations to caterers, cakes, music, flowers and more. We even offer an on-site event manager (for an additional fee) to provide direction at the event.

We will even take you on a tour of our facility to see the equipment that you will be renting. If appropriate, we will go to your home (or facility) to make sure that the equipment will fit the area.

We set up and take down all tents. We will also set up chairs and tables for a small fee. We will also deliver the equipment when you specify and will pick up the equipment in a timely manner. Each customer is called before a delivery is made.

You are also covered by our insurance when our equipment is in your possession. Other rental companies require you to have insurance on their equipment.

Please contact us or visit our showroom so that we can assist you with the planning of your important event.